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Hey there! Nice to have you here on my blog.

Who am I?

My name is Jakub which in Poland gives me a nickname that sounds a bit funny (especially for foreigners) – Kuba.  So, if the group of people talks about Kuba, that doesn’t necessarily mean recalling last holidays in the country of cigars, salsa and vintage cars on the Carribean.

I’m the kid of ’90s… early 90’s. To be precise 1990 which means 30th birthday is not on the horizon anymore, it’s in fact just one block away.

Sunset at Tebing Keraton hill – Bandung, Indonesia

I would never ever think about writing a blog!

First of all one of my friends encouraged me to try it.  “Even if it goes wrong, it will be nice online memories from your trips that you can read in a couple of years”. But the real reason why I started this blog is that I finally did something what I always wanted to do.  I went for long term travelling. Without the need to check the clock, without the need to count days, without the feeling of stress that it’s only a couple of days.

Why did I do it? Always wanted to… Sure, but probably that wouldn’t be enough. I needed some impulse. I needed a push.

And that push came in the perfect moment at the end of 2018.

I spent one year on a job assignment in Germany, somehow not being happy and feeling that corporate life is not really my thing at all. Travelled a lot during weekends but that always felt too short. When a year in Germany came to an end and  I wasn’t too eager to settle back in Poland again.

So I started to check the ground and asked my boss how about I take unpaid leave for a couple of months. To be precise: 10 months. One thing leads to another and the positive answer came surprisingly fast. Good to go.

What do I like the most about travelling?

I don’t have to think long about the answer. It’s the excitement. First, it is excitement related to buying tickets, then comes excitement related with planning where to go and what to see. Draft plan.

Then comes excitement related to meeting local communities or fellow travellers on the way. Getting in troubles and getting out of them by myself. Taking thousands of pictures but most importantly recording memories in my mind.

In fact, if I am physically travelling for let’s say 3 weeks, my mental travel lasts at least 2 months.

Celebrating Balinese Hindu festival with locals – Ubud, Indonesia

My travel style in 8 points:

  1. Travelling solo or with really close friends. Following groups is not my thing at all. Many people think I must feel lonely, but that’s not really how it is. I enjoy my own company.
  2. Public transport doesn’t make me excited. Prefer to stay independent by renting a car (as I did in New Zealand and Australia) or getting around by motorbike (perfect in Asia).
  3. Mostly staying in hostels however with getting older more and more I’m leaning towards middle-priced hotels/guesthouses.  When travelling in Australia and New Zealand I fell in love with campervan life.
  4. Outdoor guy. Feeling good wearing hiking shoes and carrying a backpack.  If I have to spend the whole day outside – awesome, doesn’t matter what the weather is.
On the way to Semeru volcano – Java, Indonesia.
  1. Foodie. Fried frog or snake soup? Why not. Streetfood places with plastic chairs and eating things I never tried before are my favourite when it comes to gastronomy. Tourist style fancy restaurants are a no-no.
  2. Budget but reasonable travel. I prefer to keep my expenses low to make overall travel time longer, however, taking advantage of things the world has to offer, e.g. black river rafting in New Zealand, diving on Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Diving on Great Barrier Reef
Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  1. Slow travel and getting to the places less visited by mass tourism where local people are not so used to see a white face. However, I don’t boycott famous sites either.
  2. Travelling in all kind of seasons is cool and you can get a completely different perception of the place in summer and in winter.
Staying overnight at Waerebo village – Flores, Indonesia

Visited countries:

Africa: Tunisia

Asia: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand

Australia & Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Samoa

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City

Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Jordan

Stay tuned and enjoy reading!


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