Travel consulting

Are you going to travel to one of the countries that I have visited and need to consult your travel plan or ask for recommendations? Do you have doubts about travelling for the long term? Contact me and I will share my experiences.

English classes

I am a freelance English teacher that base the lessons on interactive exercises and conversations requiring the student to keep speaking and develop self-confidence in using English on a day to day basis. Don’t be afraid that you don’t know what to say in the presence of other people. Let’s remove all your barriers in using English in speech together! Read more.


Do you need professional photographs of your family, property or event? I own Olympus OM-D M1 Mark II + 15-150 mm Zuiko lens, Nikon D5300 + Rokinon 8mm FishEye lens + Nikkor 35mm lens and DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. I am familiar with editing in Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro which you can easily check on my social media profiles.


Are you looking for a travel blogger to cooperate with? I am eager to take part in various projects, promotional activities and travel events. Read more.

Share your suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for the next posts or improvements to my blog? Let me know!

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